Enhet (unity) in short

Enhet is a political party that wants to form a holistic vision of people and society. Our foundation rests on an understanding of the basic unity and codependency of everything. The goal of our work is a world in balance and harmony, both the planet as a whole, our society and within every individual. The lack of peace we see in the world is a consequence of the lack of harmony we feel within ourselves. Our standpoint is that internal peace is the basis of external peace. Thus all work towards changing society must go hand in hand with understanding and changing ourselves. Enhet is an entrance to a new kind of politics for a charitable society and cooperation with others beyond ego and special interests. The values of the society needs to rest on compassion and solidarity, and us treating others the way we would want to be treated. A global humane ethics that is a common denominator of people of earth, regardless of nationality, age, sex, philosophy of life or cultural affiliation. We are all parts of the same unity thus together we have common responsibility. A responsibility based on humanity, cooperation and brotherhood. People have physical, spiritual and existential needs. To be in harmony all these needs have to be met, especially love, safety and peace. The basis of a sustainable society starts within each individual. Therefore Enhet is working for a society that sees, understands and consents to all these needs. Welcome to read more about the visions and concrete politics of Enhet here on our website. Feel free to ask questions or give us feedback! We wish you a warm welcome at the same time as a member of Enhet.

The philosophy of Enhet
During the 1900s, using the rational and intellectual power of action, humans have technologically developed our material existence to such a degree that we are now in danger of destroying the earth, our only means of survival. This has been achieved at the expense of our inner life, where joy, creativity, love, peace and meaning are important qualities for us to feel contentment and harmony. In the 2000s, we believe that society needs to evolve from an predominant intellectual approach to a more intuitive thinking approach, with much greater focus on our inner life. The problems we face today can not be solved only with changes in the material world. And certainly not with the same way of thinking that created the problem, to quote Einstein. Thus, the solutions must come from a different starting point. Enhet is not a degree-of-difference party but rather a fundamental-change party. Degree of difference means to develop solutions to problems within the old system / paradigm. It means continuing to think in the old way, in the way that has put us in the situation we are now in. Fundamental difference on the other hand is when people take responsibility for and understand that any change begins within each of us and manifests itself externally as a result.

Unity is based on a deeper understanding of humankind
Enhet is a political alternative that attempts to include the whole person, not only our physical needs. Man is more than just the body and mind, and to be in harmony – and help create harmony in the outer world – all the elements in ourselves must be understood, affirmed and satisfied. That is why self-knowledge is important, even in politics. Without this depth, politics can never succeed in the long run. Man’s work for external societal changes must constantly go hand in hand with the inner workings of the mind and self-awareness. Inner peace leads to external peace. This is sustainability at a deeper and more fundamental level than that described in traditional political terms. This dimension leads to unity, hence our name, and represents compassion: an ethic and a morality which entails respect for, and protection of, all living things.

Development requires Vision
We need to know our destination to understand the decisions we must make to get there. We believe that everyone’s dream of an ideal world is fundamentally similar. Yet, no government has managed to steer our country towards such a sustainable development. Thus the question arises: have we been thinking about what we want at all, or we are restricted by feelings and beliefs that it is impossible to implement a change in line with how we want to create our future? Enhet’s vision proceeds from our belief that all living beings have a common need for security, love, freedom and peace. Based on these perceptions and Enhet’s vision, our mission is to make concrete proposals in everyday matters, write motions, make decisions and cooperate in parliament.

Attitudedinal changes are necessary
To manifest Enhet’s vision, we are convinced that a substantial change in our attitudes is necessary. It is the Whole that makes up our reality, and this holistic approach is crucial because it starts with a loving attitude to human needs and to the world we occupy. Such an attitude comes from the realization that we are all interdependent and that we can no longer allow ourselves to act on short-term perspective in which only some parts of the whole benefit at the expense others. This applies both in economic and ecological terms, and not least at the human, emotional level. How a society looks basically depends on the attitudes and the morals of its members, and not least its politicians and entrepereneurs have. Therefore, we in Enhet percieve such an attitudinal change to be one our most important tasks.

Enhet – a new political alternative
Enhet was formed on 6 April 1990 as a political party. That means you can manifest your expression of will in the next general election by voting for Enhet. You can order the ballots from our office info@enhet.se or simply write Enhet on a blank ballot. Our aim for the future is to stand in municipal and regional elections in Sweden. Would you like to help make this a reality so please contact us. We hope that our political program and vision program should appeal to you, and that you want to be part of  Enhet and support the ongoing work by spreading Enhet’s visions and policy proposals on the way.

Enhet’s Vision

Vision is a necessity for the development of society. We need vision in order to formulate goals which in turn informs our understanding of what decisions we should take to get there . Sadly, the current political environment is marked by short-term solutions and the lack of vision. Below you can read about Enhet’s (Unity) overall vision. If you want to know more about any aspect, please read Enhet’s vision program. Further concretisation and policy proposals are described in Enhets policy program (so far only in Swedish).

At the individual level:

  • The widest possible freedom to shape your life as you want, limited only by everyone else’s equal right to the same freedom.

  • Creation of peace in the material world through creating inner peace, acknowledging that actively working for peace begins with healing ourselves in order to heal the world.

  • Collaboration with other people beyond selfishness and vested interests.

  • A society where our emotional and spiritual needs are also acknowledged and met.

At the community level:

  • An interest-free , speculation and inflation -free society , based on basic human needs, and where the money is only used as a medium for the exchange of goods and services.

  • Basic income – instead of a range of different contributions – paid equally to all people. To ensure that all people have the right to basic security in that we are all part of the same society .

  • A society that promotes human relations, local employment, alternative energy, small-scale localised solutions and the country’s self-sufficiency.

  • Well-developed, cheap and environmentally-friendly communications system that makes it easier for people to get together and be together.

  • Meaningful employment for all, benefiting both the individual and society as a whole .

  • To serve each other with our work instead of ‘earning’ through the work of others.

  • Prioritize all human caretaking such as childcare, disability and old age care and healthcare.

  • An education system with a holistic approach and a focus on human development with the goal of creative, intuitive and secure individuals who use their education for their own and society’s best interests.

  • A society free from drug abuse, crime, violence and bullying.

  • A well-developed and deepened democracy based on people’s participation and responsibility, and a political system that promotes collaboration and consensus rather than power struggles and vested interests.

On a global basis :

  • A world in harmony and balance with nature that we treat as one with ourselves and prioritize life and the ecological balance ahead of materialism and unilateral economic growth.

  • A common ethical and moral foundation that bridges cultural, traditional, national, international and religious issues.

  • A worldwide collaboration that coordinates Earth’s resources for human basic needs and creates environmentally sound conditions for lasting security and a peaceful existence on our planet.